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June 28 2011 Ride: View from the Top

There is nothing like two days alone with my children to make me want to get out and ride a bike. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my son and my step-daughters. They are wonderful kids, funny and smart. But … Continue reading

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June 25 2011: Birthday Ride!

On their birthdays, some folks do the same number of miles as the number of years since their birth. Though perhaps I could have ridden forty miles on my vintage 3-speed, the truth is that the twenty-two I rode nearly … Continue reading

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June 23 2011 Ride: Get a Grip!

Whenever I create a post for rideblog, I’m always hoping it will be “gripping.” This time, I may have literally created the perfect post. No one can gripe that there weren’t moments that absolutely “gripped” the reader… Yesterday, my Portland … Continue reading

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June 18 2011 Ride: Rainy Run

In literature, my students and I often talk about the notion of the “pathetic fallacy.” Simply put, this is the moment in a novel when the weather outside directly reflects the emotions of the characters. “Pathetic,” because it has to … Continue reading

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