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Shogun is (nearly) Done!

So, for the ten of you who have been following this saga, here it is (nearly) complete. Last year, I purchased a road bike off Craigslist to try out for myself. It was a Shogun Cro-Mo 500 and I was … Continue reading

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July 28 2011 Ride: Photo Madness

I swear, if rideblog ever makes it to The Big Time, all I long for is to hear someone say: “And her photos are so remarkably unblurry.” That’s it. I don’t need to hear that the writing is funny or … Continue reading

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July 19 and 23 Rides: Clearing the Backlog

Yes, with Ireland just four days away (gulp! What am I forgetting? My toothbrush? Where’s my toothbrush? Did I order cat food? Where’s my underwear? My god!), I still have a few rideblogs to get off my chest, so to … Continue reading

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July 15 2011 Ride: Two for the Price of One

With Vancouver a distant memory, so to speak, I felt I should catch up with some of my more recent rides. Then I realized I had taken one I couldn’t actually… well… remember taking. This is probably because three days … Continue reading

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