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This is Your Brain on a Bike

Or rather, MY brain. My ride of the Burke-Gilman today (see earlier snarky post) was about three hours long. In three hours, my brain can cover a great deal of territory. I came home and enlightened The Handsome Guy on … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t Jive

So, I’m out today for a ride on the Fabled Burke-Gilman trail, and have ridden it further than ever before, clear around the top of Lake Washington to where it joins the Sammamish River Trail. Tis a beautiful day, so … Continue reading

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The Raleigh Returns!

I know, I’m just a font of bike-related writing right now. I think this is because my business has finally settled down into a more predictable groove, so I have time to devote to other things, including this blog. I’m … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Gazelle and Super Models

So, now I’ve had The Gazelle for nearly two months (already? Has it really been that long?), and it seems like a good time to write about the bike again, as I’ve been riding it a lot. Since Top Ten … Continue reading

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