Several folks have emailed me to ask about the baskets on my Raleigh. So I thought I’d post something about them, and then I could just refer folks here rather than answer all the thousands (three) of clamoring emails. You know, rather like the Christmas letter: “instead of actually speaking to each of my relatives in the course of the year, I thought I’d just send you all this generic note.” Like that.

I use a set of Basil Cardiff baskets. I don’t just love them, I <heart> them. I would absolutely wear a t-shirt that said: “I <heart> my Basil Cardiff baskets.”

They are large.’s spot for them lists them at 33cm x24cm x33cm. I don’t know what that means, mentally, but I can say that they will easily hold a bag of groceries each, plus more. They secure to the rack with two long, coated-metal hooks. They never rattle (unless I am going over a train crossing or something), and they don’t shift around. They lift off and slide on. No fastening of anything to anything. They have “ergonomic” molded carry handles that fold down when I’m riding.

I use one for most rides, and two for grocery fetching. They never make me feel unbalanced (that, I leave up to my child). I love that I can strip off my winter gloves and drop them in the basket without stopping. In fact, I can’t think of a single basket-friendly application I wouldn’t use these for, or for which they wouldn’t work beautifully. When shopping, I just lift them off the locked bike, stack them and stick them in my cart. I could see some seriously fun farmer’s market action, if I could actually ride a bike to my local farmer’s market (it is four miles away, down the steepest hill imaginable).

You can purchase them on for about $28, plus shipping. They are available only in black. They are not particularly cheap. But they are fantastic. Basil sells a similar basket, called the Basil Memories Bottle Basket, which features wire “milk bottle” shapes and pretty colors.


Basil Cardiff Baskets

Basil Memories Bottle Basket


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