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Carradice is Twice as Nice

That, I know, is my lamest title yet. I’m still not in riding trim, though I think I’ll be able to do a short toodle¬†on a trail this weekend. I don’t have a new saddle for the Raleigh, as my … Continue reading

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Enter the Shogun…

… And Exit the Shogun, so to speak. About a year and a half ago, after I had purchased and enjoyed the Raleigh for a season, I realized that I needed/wanted a faster bike. Something with pretty lugs and drop … Continue reading

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An Unphilosophical Rant Regarding My Current Inactivity

I will admit, with some needless honesty, that I’m a bit of a couch potato by nature, but right now, I’m about to go nuts with sitting. Once, long ago, I was both young and thin. In fact, I remember … Continue reading

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On the Ride Not Taken…

With absolutely no apologies to Robert Frost, as that poem is totally overrated. I like “Something Like a Star” much better. Anyway, so here I am, down for the count. Healing, slowly. I have every reason to believe that I … Continue reading

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Why, Germs, why?

Recovering from surgery would be much easier, I suspect, if I didn’t also have a Violent Stomach Bug from Hades to contend with. Seems my little wiggly friend saw opportunity in my temporary weakness and just dived right in to … Continue reading

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Surgery Update

So I’m home, after a night in the hospital, and feeling okay. Everything went perfectly, and aside from a bit of pain and swelling in my abdomen, I feel pretty darn good. Doc said I can ride as soon as … Continue reading

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A Brief Break…

So, you go and start a blog about riding a bike. Folks read it. How exciting! Then you up and have surgery, preventing you from riding said bike for nearly two months. No problem, right? Sigh. On Wednesday, I will … Continue reading

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