March 5, 2011 Ride

Today was a great day to ride a bike in the Greater Seattle Area. When I finally rolled out of bed (never mind the time), the Giant Thermometer on the Fence read 70 degrees! It was lying, of course, and as soon as the sun rose over the back fence, it dropped right back down to 60, but for a brief, blazing moment, summer slipped into my yard.

I was still in my pajamas. Once I was up, I decided I needed to go shopping for clothes. This is a rare thing for me, as I’m no clothes horse. I own probably ten pairs of shoes, for instance, of which I wear perhaps two during any given season. At least three pairs are cheap flip flops. Fashion is not my forte. But with the sun out, and my wardrobe thin, I decided it was time to hit the discount stores for some spring-ier threads. My plan was to shop, then to go to the park with The Beloved and The Girls, so I could ride a bit on the Green River Trail while they enjoyed the sunshine.

Unfortunately, while I was out shopping, The Beloved texted me to say that in the process of replacing the shocks on his car, the auto repair place had broken it further, and he would be stuck there all day. Nuts.

By the time I got home, the sunshine had vanished. I had spent the glorious warm day… in a stripmall, buying pedal pushers (oh, the irony!), french-striped t-shirts and a really smokin’ coral-colored dress. When The Boy was about two, I dressed up for a reason I can no longer remember. Horrified, he shrieked: “Mama! What’s the thing on your legs!”  It was a skirt. Did I mention I’m not much into nice clothes? So this was all a Very Big Deal. Feeling satiated and very cute in a new pair of Madras rainbow plaid tennis shoes, I packed up The Panasonic onto the rack, and drove down to the Cedar River Trail for a brief ride.

Once I’d loaded up the Carradice, I whipped out the camera to take a shot of it… and got a “memory full” error message. Oh dear. That could mean only one thing: the memory card was still in my computer! I quickly erased all the photos on the camera’s internal memory, but was only able to take two photos on this ride. Have I mentioned this sucky nature of this camera? Oh wait, yes I have.

Here is one. Note the rainbow plaid windbreaker in the Carradice Barley. Now note the rainbow Madras plaid sneakers. Imagine the goodness had I been forced to wear both! But alas, the weather was too nice for a windbreaker. Perhaps this is just as well, as I’m not sure the residents of the Greater Seattle Area are ready for this much Rainbow Awesomeness!

Did I mention that fashion is not my strong point? And that I’m obsessed with rainbow clothing? I’m pretty sure point one and point two are actually related.

Anyway, the ride was great. Yesterday’s sluggishness had vanished. I felt renewed! Sort of. By mile three, some of that renewedness had worn off, and I just felt tired. I turned around and headed back. The trail was crowded today, so the ding-ding aluminum bell on The Panasonic’s head tube was a life-saver. Folks moved nicely aside, except for one group of folks… on bicycles. You would think they would know the meaning of the ding-ding!

Here The Panasonic poses next to a park where at least a thirty teenage boys were out playing basketball, and at least twenty-five teenage girls were standing around watching them with totally bored expressions. I also passed a cute group of teenagers standing around drinking milkshakes. They were adorably innocent looking, until I got close enough to see that one of them was at least eight months pregnant. Kids today!

All in all, though the ride was short, at just six miles total, it was much longer than yesterday and I felt pretty good the entire time. My feet were whirring, The Panasonic was cooking along, and I didn’t walk away exhausted. Tired, yes, but not drastically. Guess I’m on the mend!


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2 Responses to March 5, 2011 Ride

  1. raverson says:

    Rainbow Awesomeness indeed.
    Get that memory card back in the camera. We need a picture of you with the sneakers, windbreaker and Panasonic together.

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