The Raleigh languishes at the Dutch Bicycle Co., awaiting a shipment of stainless steel spokes in the correct size for its new aluminum rims.

The Panasonic should be on its way to its new owner in the next day or so.

And The Caferacer (I can’t bear to call any bike The Creme)? I have been notified that it has been “dispatched.”

This conjures up images of a ringing doorbell, and a strangely disheveled and bloodied British man holding a cricket bat, oddly flecked with pink paint, saying in a mysterious voice: “The bike has been dispatched, Miss,” before disappearing into the night.

But actually, it just means that it’s on its way here. According to the website of Chain Reaction Cycles, it should be here in 4-6 working days. Which means somewhere before Friday, I would think. That’s fairly exciting.

Interestingly, moments after I ordered the bike in my size, the site listed that size as “discontinued.” This is very strange, as I’m certain that model is not only being manufactured, but is in fact, brand new this year. The CremeCyles site is up, they’re running a conversation over on Facebook… and the site is still selling the smaller version of my bike, as well as several other Creme bikes. This leads me to believe that someone wized up and realized that selling the bike for $400-600 less than it will retail through a distributor is, well, stupid. However, I’m happy to be able to take advantage of their stupidity. The Canadian distributor lists the bike at about $1300. I paid $700, with $100 in shipping on top of that. Go figure.

Clearly, Creme needs a US distributor. Someone should step up. Perhaps I’ll quit my day job and run a small shop near the Burke Gilman, outfitting pointy-beared hipsters with their skinny jeans rolled up (because one’s skinny jeans MIGHT get caught in one’s chain, you know. Maybe) with Creme Vinyl Fixies… and pretty young things in floral dresses and inappropriate biking footwear can buy Creme HolyMoly Dutch bike rip-offs… and attractive, intelligent middle-aged women with more sense than money can buy Caferacers… oh wait. Scratch that last one.

Ah well, a girl can dream… Here are some other Creme bikes, to keep you all amused until mine arrives:

Caferacer, men’s edition, in blue, 3 speed I believe.

HolyMoly in Chocolate

Vinyl Doppio in Violet

Caferacer with dynohub in violet.


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7 Responses to Dispatched!

  1. Tom Reingold says:

    Lively writing, and good news, of course. And scratch that last one back in.

  2. Auchen says:

    “Perhaps I’ll quit my day job and run a small shop near the Burke Gilman, outfitting pointy-beared hipsters with their skinny jeans rolled up…a girl can dream…”

    If it’s your dream, then go for it!

  3. rideblog says:

    I swear, Auchen, I’ve always wanted to run a shop. I wanted to run a knitting shop when I was younger. I’m outgoing, nice, and loved working retail. I’d be a great shop manager. I would not, for instance, do what the young woman at Ace Hardware did to me this week. I got change back from a purchase, and was watching the quarters carefully, as I had three small kids with me who were equally carefully eyeing the gumball machine. One of the quarters was Canadian. “Can I get another one,” I asked. “This is Canadian.” “I can’t open my drawer without manager approval,” she said. “But this isn’t legal tender in this country,” I replied. “I’d like the correct change, and you haven’t given it to me.” Much eye rolling. On the walkie talkie: “Bob, this lady needs a quarter and I can’t open my drawer.” Manager replies that she should ask another cashier. The other cashier can’t open drawer. Manager comes out huffing and rolling his eyes too. “I’m sorry,” cashier tells HIM, “She says it’s ‘not legal tender.'”

    Like I’m a maniac for wanting change from the US.

    I’m still dreaming. Perhaps someday… if I could find a good mechanic and a big loan… one half of the store could sell Cremes and Aibicis and Bella Ciaos and the other half could sell refurbished Raleighs and other 3-speeds… Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  4. Your Bestest Friend says:

    If I ever stop doing my job, I will never, ever, in a bazillion years, get back into the bike industry. It is filled with the most pedantic people who do not know the definition of “pedant” than any other life situation I can think of. Pedants who have no idea what they actually need. Who email me because they cannot use Google. My hate is vast and large. I made this to show how I feel. I love you forever, but I’d never come work for/with/near you and your shop.

  5. rideblog says:

    Ah, see, you suck out all the fun with your reality. But it would be ME! I know what “pendant” means!

  6. Your Bestest Friend says:

    I’m just being honest about being a misanthrope. 😀

  7. rideblog says:

    D, I know you are a misanthrope. It’s one of the things I love about you. And that you know the word “misanthrope.” That comic was hysterical. It was like LOL cats, only it wasn’t a cat, and no one was LOLing. And you work in a place where bike nerds congregate like proverbial moths and flames, because you work in a place that makes amazing bike stuff that only true nerds would buy. I, of course, would run a shop where there were no doofuses allowed, unless they were paying cash.

    Though in reality, I love my job and would never run a shop. But it’s one of those dreams I have, like I have a dream of one day walking across America, skuba diving the Great Barrier Reef (though you know I can’t put my face in the water), or owning an entire wardrobe in madras plaid. At least one of those could come true: it’s almost madras plaid short season!

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