Bike Tracker?

Several of my friends have emailed me to ask me if the bike is here yet. It is not. I know it has left the UK, and now apparently I need a different tracking number, which I had to request, to see where it is within the US.

You know how each year, NORAD does this thing where they track Santa’s journey around the world?

I want a service like that for my bike:

“Right now, your bike is winging its way to you across Siberia, toward the Bering Sea and down the Alaskan Coast to Seattle, Washington. Your bike is travelling at 500 mph. Wind is westerly at 30mph.”


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5 Responses to Bike Tracker?

  1. Tom Reingold says:

    If it’s a direct flight from London to Seattle, it doesn’t go over Siberia; it goes close to the north pole, as that’s the shortest route. Still, it started in China, stopped in London, and is on the way to Seattle. Interesting trip.

  2. Auchen says:

    Beijing postage meta use wong exchange late for yuan to dolla, so bike being letun fo insufficient postage.

  3. rideblog says:

    Auchen, that’s almost too authentic, given that I just received a package with directions clearly written by that person. I will admit, though, that when oggling Porteurs on French eBay, I ponder my own complete inability to speak French despite passing through six years of training, and I have more sympathy for the beleagured Chinese translators! That said, they keep my bike, I kick their butts.

  4. So frustrating to wait, I know!
    Looking forward to seeing your pics of this bike.

  5. rideblog says:

    The shipping company says it’s been “Forwarded for Export” today, but they also said that on Monday, so I don’t know. I just want one bike, you know? Just one.

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