Creme Sadness

So the Creme arrived. I was soooo excited.

But the beautiful bicycle I ordered was not the bicycle I received.

The bike I ordered had pointed seat-stay lugs and a nice fork crown. This bike has badly welded seat-stay lugs, crappy paint, a dented fender from being poorly packed, and a cheap fork crown.

So the fun begins.

Here’s what I expected:

Here’s what I got:

So I’m going to raise hell and return it. DONE.


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9 Responses to Creme Sadness

  1. So sorry that this ended up being such a let-down.

    I kept my mouth shut when you ordered the bike and hoped for the best, but I am not terribly surprised. You might find that many “French/Dutch/English aesthetic – replica” manufacturers will end up using a diff construction method on the production bikes than in their promo photos. Alternatively, they might run an initial small batch fully lugged, and then make the new larger batch using a cheaper construction method. This usually doesn’t bother anyone, because most people don’t notice the difference – even what to me seem like huge differences, such as crowned vs unicrown forks.

    I think the fork crown on this bike is fine, but the seat cluster and dropouts are …well, your pictures explain it better than words. My condolences again for this saga. But if it makes you feel any better, now others who are considering this bike will have access to your feedback.

  2. Erin B says:

    Wow…. just … wow.

    How disappointing!

    Any word on how the Raleigh is coming?

  3. Becki says:

    Oh no! What a disappointment! Hope you get a full refund including shipping both ways.

  4. gl. says:

    oh, no! how disappointing!

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  6. Jennifer says:

    Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve been very close to buying one for weeks. I would be similarly outraged if this had happened to me. I feel like writing to them myself to say that they should not expect to get away with supplying bikes with ugly welds when their advertising speaks of an entirely different story. These ‘details’ are important to those of us who love and appreciate well-constructed bikes. I hope very much that you will get a full and hassle free refund.

  7. Kara says:

    Wah wah wah. What a dissapointment! I am so sorry.

  8. w1gfh says:

    Agh. That’s horrible.

  9. DjangoCycle says:

    for years later…, also so so sorry for you!

    I got a personnal testimony and more informations about the “case” creme caferacer.
    I had the same enthousiasm as you had in june 2013, and buy a caferacer doppio, with 7 speed and dynamo hub. Well, i got the same surprise as you had, the bike i receveived was not the same as the one I ordered…Poor fork crown, low-end dynamo hub instead of LX one, and much more inconvenient, a Hi-Ten frame instead of the Cr-Mo one described in the 2012 catalog (i make the history shorter than it is, but it was epic to get these information from the builder). After some complaining, i must say creme team where very friendly: the sent me an 2012 cr-mo frame, with double bridge fork crown. A very nice frame indeed, that look exactly as in the pictures. That says, the weight of both frame are exactly the same: 3 kg + fork 800 gr (not that lightweight…) information that confirms that plain gauge cr-mo and hi-ten frame just weight exactly the same! I rebuilt then the bike by my own with all the old parts, and now, at last, it looks just as the pictures, very nice, but it weights a little more than the 15kg anounced on the site – 16,4 kg, with ad SP8 high-end dynamo). I must say that at last, a lot of component where changed to upgrade some low-end parts…

    Creme Caferacer 2012

    At last, Velouria Lovely Bicycle had totally right. After a lot of inquiries about this case, the first-batch/larger-bacth theory seems the good one: in the first year (2011), creme caferacer was build with tange (unbutted) cr-mo frame. In 2012, the frame’s still in cro-mo but only laser cut dropout are made by Tange. And then, since 2103, it’s a simple (but correct) Hi-Ten frame, without any details shown on the website (fork crown etc.). If it is not a well planified marketing strategy, i don’t know what is it! Nobody seems to have noticed it, not even my resseller in Zurich! But anyway, the builder team is very friendly, and others models still seem quite interesting (lungo or ristretto).
    Let’s see how it rides now..

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