Update: Viva the Kilo! Anyone want a Panasonic?

Yeah, I bought the Viva. Well, sort of, as I will pick it up and pay for it on Tuesday. Dutch Bike Co. are going to clean it, take off the rust on the handlebars, and get it tuned up. I’m adding a pair of Portland Dan ergo grips. Later, I’ll up the kickstand quotient.

Yea, Viva Kilo!

For anyone interested, there are several shops in Canada that have Vivas, including this one: http://jvbike.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_99_8

They don’t sell the Kilo, but they do sell other Viva products.

I’ll update on the Creme’s return later.

Now, for The Panasonic. It’s for sale. Here are the details. Email me if interested. If no one here is, I’ll put it up on Craigslist for more $.

1989 Panasonic DX-5000.

Color: Purple Fade

Size: 53cm

Components: all original Suntour GPX. 14-speeds, indexed or friction shifting.

Changes made: the bike has a Nitto Technomic stem (the original stem will be included in the sale), new Fizik bartape, new MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals (the original clipped pedals will also be included), vintage Selle Italia Ladies Turbo saddle and new tires. I will even throw in the original gumwall Pasellas if someone wants them.

Condition: very good, almost mint. I bought it in as near-mint as I think it’s possible for a bike to come that’s been assembled. I have since put about 500 miles on it. There are two paint chips that I’ve located, one of which was there when I bought it. The bike was tuned up when I bought it, including fresh grease and new brake pads. It is in perfect mechanical condition. I will give it a good wipe-down before it goes out. The saddle is worn, but in great condition. I’ll give it a quick polish and throw the Kiwi white polish in with it.

Cost: $250, firm. If you are local, that’s it. If you aren’t, it will be packed by Dutch Bike Co. for $50. Postage? Tell me where you are, and we’ll figure it out.

Also available: My black Carradice Barley and Bagman QR Sport. Sold as a pair: $100. Shipping to be determined. Both in near-new condition.

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10 Responses to Update: Viva the Kilo! Anyone want a Panasonic?

  1. Amesja says:

    You did the right thing with the kilo IMHO. It’s a pretty sweet bike. Are you going to tell us how much it was? Less than the creme de la crap I hope.

    If it were my bike I’d totally disassemble it and deep clean everything and clean the frame and fenders with mother’s scratch remover and then wax with caranuba. But I’m crazy. You can do the scratch-x treatment and wax without a teardown too. It even works well on chrome. It’s good stuff. I like the Mother’s products better than the Meguiere’s because you get twice as much in a bottle at half the price and it is just as good IMHO.

    I can’t wait to see pics of the new bike.

    Viva la Viva!

  2. Jim & Mathilda says:

    Ride it in good health!

  3. rideblog says:

    Amesja, they are going to disassemble it (a bit) and clean it, grease it, tighten things up, switch out the chain if it needs it, etc. I have some Mother’s mag and Mother’s paint treament stuff already, if I need it. It was the owner’s bike, but he never really used it. Just parked it outside. With the grips, I’ll end up paying almost exactly what I paid for the Creme.

    I’m going to get it a new kickstand and a saddle cover, and call it good for now. The Basil baskets I use on The Raleigh should more than work on this bike too. And since I will never attempt to change the Fat Franks on the road, I won’t need to carry around much gear :).

  4. adventure! says:

    Wow, I go away and all this happens!
    Sorry to hear that the Creme was crud, but the Kilo is kool! (Note to self: Stop punning…now.) The Kilo looks like a good find, and honestly, the minor things you want/need to change to it are things I pretty much would do with any used bike I get. I sort of expect I’ll change bars/grips/etc, swap a saddle, all that.

    Good luck on the selling of the Panasonic. I’d think about it if I was looking for something like that. Regarding the Carradice sale: any particular reason you’re parting with it? Did it just not work out? I’d also consider buying that, except for this pesky li’l cross-continent tour and all that. Plus, I’m looking to find a used Camper or Nelson Longflap, y’know, the BIG one.

    While we’re on the topic of buying and selling bikes, anyone want to buy a single-speed Centurion?

  5. rideblog says:

    Hi adventure! 🙂 You missed all the drama.

    I’m just selling the Carradice as I won’t need it, and I’d rather sell it while it’s brand new, than wait until it’s sat around in my garage for a year. It won’t really suit the Viva, nor does it suit The Raleigh (the Viva will get a capital The when it is in my possession). I have my wonderful Basil baskets for those guys, and the colors are wrong for both bikes. So, sell it now it is. If no one here wants either bike or bags, I’ll try Bike Forums, then it’s Craigslist. I’m in no hurry, and I’d like a bike nut to get The Panasonic, which is super hot stuff, as you know.

  6. adventure! says:

    But having the bag sit around in your garage adds patina! Then you can go for the Vintage crowd. 😉

  7. Wade says:

    Regarding Viva there is one place in CA that carries them: http://mikesbikes.com/ I was entranced with Viva when I saw them on the Mikes Bikes showroom floor. Sadly I do not live anywhere near Mikes Bikes (I was on vacation in SF)

  8. rideblog says:

    They have a men’s Kilo on their site, and several other Viva bikes. I would totally buy one of these new, now that I’ve ridden the used one.

  9. hi i commented on the panasonic page but decided to leave you a message here as well. id like to buy your bike please. Im in Albuquerque NM. oh and check out what i wrote on the other comment. thanks.

  10. rideblog says:

    Responded :).

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