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June 28 2011 Ride: View from the Top

There is nothing like two days alone with my children to make me want to get out and ride a bike. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my son and my step-daughters. They are wonderful kids, funny and smart. But … Continue reading

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June 25 2011: Birthday Ride!

On their birthdays, some folks do the same number of miles as the number of years since their birth. Though perhaps I could have ridden forty miles on my vintage 3-speed, the truth is that the twenty-two I rode nearly … Continue reading

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June 23 2011 Ride: Get a Grip!

Whenever I create a post for rideblog, I’m always hoping it will be “gripping.” This time, I may have literally created the perfect post. No one can gripe that there weren’t moments that absolutely “gripped” the reader… Yesterday, my Portland … Continue reading

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June 18 2011 Ride: Rainy Run

In literature, my students and I often talk about the notion of the “pathetic fallacy.” Simply put, this is the moment in a novel when the weather outside directly reflects the emotions of the characters. “Pathetic,” because it has to … Continue reading

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June 11 2011 Ride: Braking Away

Ever since I purchased The Raleigh almost two years ago, I have been dissatisfied with the brakes. The rear brake was so pathetic as to be practically homicidal. This year, after much debating, I put beautiful new aluminum rims on … Continue reading

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Perhaps Size Doesn’t Matter…

Recently, Veloria did a comparison on her site of the Pilen┬ábike she is reviewing, with her friend Cycler’s Raleigh Sports. I noticed immediately that the comparison reminded me of The Viva and The Raleigh next to each other, though both … Continue reading

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June 9 2011 Ride: Bikes, Bunnies and Buttercups

No worries, this will lack the excessive alliteration of the slugs post. It won’t be all bikes, bunnies, buttercups, brakes, bumps, butts, buttons and bottles. You’ll see… After work on Thursday, I received a text from The Beloved stating that … Continue reading

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