Perhaps Size Doesn’t Matter…

Recently, Veloria did a comparison on her site of the Pilen bike she is reviewing, with her friend Cycler’s Raleigh Sports. I noticed immediately that the comparison reminded me of The Viva and The Raleigh next to each other, though both women are taller than me, so their bikes are bigger or set up differently than mine.

Riding The Raleigh after a few weeks of exclusivity on The Viva, I was struck again by the size differences between the two bikes. Yet, both are comfortable for me. I am no expert on frame geometry, so I can’t comment on how this works. I just know that it does. Tonight I put them side-by-side, and now you folks can make the comparisons as well.

Though the first picture looks like a trick of perspective, The Raleigh is actually only a few inches in front of The Viva. In fact, The Raleigh is so much smaller than The Viva that I could literally ride it right under the handlebars of The Viva.

Everything is set lower on The Raleigh, of course. The wheels are smaller, the bottom bracket is lower, the handlebars are lower, and the seat is lower. I think, without actually measuring them, that the distance between the pedals and the seats are probably similar.

Those Fat Franks are so impressive! And everyone is so nicely outfitted with creamy tires.

Another side-by-side, with a better view of the bottom brackets.

So there they are, my steeds. The nimble little Raleigh, and the stately Viva. How can I ride both? I don’t know, I just can.


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2 Responses to Perhaps Size Doesn’t Matter…

  1. Auchen says:

    Upright bikes seem to be a lot more forgiving for size: The distance from the saddle to the grips for example, seems less important than on a road bike.
    I would be curious though if the distance from your crank to the top of your saddle is not the same or nearly the same. (That is one dimension I maintain as a constant on my own bikes.)

  2. rideblog says:

    Auchen, without measuring them (I’ll have to do that another time, as I’m sick today), I’d say “close.” I don’t think they’re exact. On The Raleigh, I pedal pretty flat-footed, and can apply a lot of upper-body, “pump” power up hills. On The Viva, I pedal with the balls of my feet, and if I need extra power, I have to bring it all from my legs, not from my upper-body. It would be much harder to stand-and-pedal on The Viva. The geometry is slightly different, for sure. The Viva is much more upright, which also explains some of what I just wrote, I think.

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