Off to Ireland

So, I’m leaving for a week of cycling in Ireland with my students and my Co-Worker on Tuesday morning. We arrive in Shannon, Ireland on Wednesday.

Our itinerary basically looks like this:

August 3rd: arrive in Shannon, then head to Ennis to rent bikes.

August 4th: cycle from Ennis to Doolin — 27 miles

August 5th: cycle from Doolin to Ballyvaughan (loop) — 41 miles

August 6th: Aran Islands (assuming ferry is running from Doolin) — miles variable

August 7th: Aran Islands to Cashel — 33 miles

August 8th: Cashel to Clifden — 35-60 miles, depending on where we ride

August 9th: back to Shannon by bus

August 10th: home

I don’t know how reliable my internet will be. I’m going to have my computer in our support van (being driven by a parent), so I can upload photos and write rideblogs, but whether or not I can post those blogs is not known at this point. I will certainly try. At any rate, I’ll be posting them as soon as I get home, day by day, if I can’t post sooner.

I won’t be using any of my students’ names or posting pictures of their faces, but my Co-Worker and I are fair game!

The weather right now is expected to be rainy or overcast for most of the trip, but mostly just showers: nothing too off-putting. Last year, my Co-Worker and I took 15 kids to England for ten days. We walked their socks off and had a great time.

My Co-Worker is a good friend, and my favorite travel companion so far. I like to travel with my family, but he and I have a special travel magic — or at least we did in England. I hope it repeats! On Saturday, he and I rode 25 miles together without “the kids” to talk about the trip, but we really just ended up catching up on our summers and chatting. Okay, I ranted a lot about all sorts of things, and he listened. We are both in happy relationships, so we just enjoy each other’s company as friends and fellow teachers. Anyway, you’ll “meet” him soon.

I can’t wait, but I’m also very, very nervous. I HATE flying. I used to love it, many years ago, until a random panic attack out of nowhere “grounded” my enjoyment nearly 20 years ago, after literally flying around the world several times! I’ve never had a really bad flight (cross fingers, knock on wood), so there’s no reality in my fear. I’ve tried everything to get past it. I fly at least a couple times every year. I know how a plane works. I have tried regular therapy and have even done a round of hypnosis (which took the edge off, slightly, but didn’t eliminate my fear). I don’t drink, and that wouldn’t be a great idea anyway as a chaperone, so I take a small dose of anti-anxiety meds and basically white-knuckle through. Landings and take-offs are the worst. I would give anything to get rid of this fear once and for all, trust me, or to find a med that actually does what I need it to do. Ah well, I refuse to be stuck here because of this stupid, irrational fear. I commute for hours each week. I’m far more likely to die that way! Or so I tell myself.

Wish me luck, and I’ll update you all soon!


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2 Responses to Off to Ireland

  1. monk says:

    I was going to wish you the “luck of the Irish” but then looked it up to make sure I knew what I was wishing for you. Turns out it’s not always seen as a good thing so I’ll just wish you a more generic form of good luck. Travel well, my friend!

  2. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Monk :).

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