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September 24 2011 Ride: In the Flats

Isn’t it strange: one week you’re bombing up and down hills as fast as you can, feeling uber-fit and strong… and just two weeks later riding a long, flat stretch feels like the best you can possibly manage. I guess … Continue reading

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September 10, 2011 Ride: Highs and Lows

It’s been quiet around here lately (by here, I mean rideblog). Going back to work this year has been stressful, as I’ve been creating my new website for my students. There are also some personal stresses brought on by a … Continue reading

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September 3 and 7 Rides: Fast and Slow

Victorian rideblog Title: In Which I Yearn for Speed and am Somewhat Thwarted in My Desire Last Saturday was a busy one. School was starting soon, and I had embarked on an ambitious new project: to turn the curriculum I’d … Continue reading

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8/29/2011: A Trip to the Velodrome

I have been promising The Boy a chance to see the bike racing at the Redmond Velodrome since before I left for Ireland. Unfortunately, as my 12 Loyal Readers know (and you realize that even if I had 100,000 Loyal … Continue reading

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8.28.2011 Ride: Taking it Easy

After a crazy few weeks, between my wonderful trip to Ireland and my terrible dealings with my old mechanic, I was both feeling like a ride would do me some good and feeling like I had seen enough of biking … Continue reading

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