Rideblog Sale: The Viva Kilo

So, this weekend, my Lovely Man and I took a couple days to toodle around on our bikes up in Skagit County. I’ll be writing more about that in a bit, but that ride has firmly cemented a decision on my part: I’m going to sell The Viva Kilo.

Those of you reading me regularly probably saw this one coming. There’s nothing at all inherently wrong with this bicycle. It’s beautiful, very well made and in great condition. The only thing wrong with it is that I don’t really need it, as I have The Raleigh Sports, and I need something faster and lighter right now, not a heavier upright bike.

I thought I would give you folks first grabs at it, then I’ll put it up on Craigslist. The Viva is a very unusual bike. There is only one Viva-distributing store in the US and they don’t sell this model. The bike is, as far as I can tell, literally unavailable in America.

Here are the specs:

The Viva Kilo was made in 2009, I believe.

Frame: Fully-lugged steel.

Hubs: 7-Speed Shimano Nexus, Shimano disc brake front hub

Size: 52cm (I’m almost 5’6″ with a fairly long 31″ inseam and it fits me nicely. I could lower the seat and it would be okay, and I could raise it. I would imagine it would fit most women over 5’4″ and under 5’8″, but use your best judgment).

Saddle: Pre-Aged Brooks B67

Grips: “new” Portland Dan Ergo grips (I had these put on when I purchased the bike)

Lighting: a new Spanninga fender-mounted tail light

Tires: Fat Franks

Bars: Albatross-style wide bars

Kickstand: heavy-duty double kickstand

Hmm… other stuff? It’s “Vanilla,” but the paint is slightly faded on one side, making the fenders two-tone.  The chaincase and fenders are slightly darker in color than the frame (except on the side they are faded). There is little-no rust on the frame, but some surface rust on the racks and on the rivets of the saddle. The bike comes with a large Dutch bell, and a sunflower-printed saddle cover from BikeCaps.

Since I purchased it last winter, it has been fully-tuned up and stored inside. It is in perfect working condition.

If you buy it, I will have Dutch Bike pack it. They ship all bikes “assembled,” which means the pedals will be off the bike and the handlebars/stem are off and turned in the box, but a few moments and a wrench will reassemble it. Everything else remains attached. The price of packing the bike is included in the sale price.

Shipping will be determined when you tell me where you live. The bike is heavy, so I would expect it to be in the $100-150 range.

I’m asking $850 for this bike, fully packed and ready to ship. This is roughly $100 less than I paid for it, and frankly, it’s in better condition than when I bought it. I keep it very clean and have upgraded the grips, the kickstand (that alone was a $60 investment!) and the lighting. It’s been tuned and greased and adjusted.

It isn’t in “new” condition. See here for photos of the bike’s condition and here for the two-tone, slightly dented fenders. But it is in very good condition. The only place the paint is battered is on the racks, and they’re doing pretty well.

Email me at rideblogger (at) gmail (dot) com, and we’ll talk shipping. I accept Paypal. Otherwise, you’ll have to send me a cashier’s check and it will have to clear my bank before the bike’s going anywhere.

This is a beautiful, well-built bicycle without a single flaw: I just don’t need it, and find it too heavy and upright for my region’s hilly terrain. Will it haul loads? Yes. Is it comfortable? Yes. Is it stable? Yes. Is it fun to ride? Yes. Are you going to get more compliments on this bike than any other bike you’ll ever own? Probably.

If you have considered a Dutch-style bicycle, this may be a good bike for you. It has more speeds than most Dutch bikes and a slightly different geometry. It is capable of handling all the but the steepest hills with no problems. The original retail US price was about $1500.

So let me know, folks, if anyone wants it. Thanks!


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17 Responses to Rideblog Sale: The Viva Kilo

  1. Auchen says:

    “…something faster and lighter right now, not a heavier upright bike.”

    Start shopping for a Raleigh Super Course now. It’s the ultimate adaptable all-around bike, and you can put Northroads on it if you prefer, without destroying it’s panache. You’ll have plenty of change left over too after you sell the Viva. Enough for a mini vacation for you and the old man (- I mean “Lovely Man”. :-))

  2. rideblog says:

    Auchen, I have plans, don’t worry. I just need money. They don’t involve a Super Course, though that is one gorgeous bike. Something closer to home :).

  3. Tom Reingold says:

    You have plans? Do tell. I think Auchen’s idea is excellent. It’s not actually gorgeous. It’s just a darned good bike. It’s a mid-level bike, not high-end, but it’s the bike I ride the most.

    That Viva is gorgeous. I hope to see one in the flesh one day.

  4. Corey K says:

    I’ll put the word out, Snarky.
    The Viva did a great job pulling you out of your Creme-inspired funk, and gave you back your mojo. Her work there is done.
    I bet she’ll be somewhere new quickly, as striking and well made as she is.

    Corey K

  5. Erin B says:

    I would take a Super Course in a heartbeat! Sadly, I have never even SEEN one around here.

  6. rideblog says:

    When I was debating: Creme or no Creme, there was a gorgeous Super Course Mixte up on Ebay for about $800. I could have bought it. Coulda shoulda woulda…

    But I have plans, as I’ve said. But to enact those plans, I need money! So someone needs to buy The Viva! 🙂

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  8. CJ says:

    I just love looking at this bike and hope someone buys it soon so that it can be ridden! I would be sorely tempted, but I live in the hilliest area of Portland, so I don’t see a Dutch bike in my future anytime soon. I just have to live vicariously through those who do ride them.

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  13. mary schaheen says:

    is this bike still available? if not does anyone know about a simialr type bike new or used 5-8 speed , low step through, disk brakes, internal hub, steel frame good for city living and auling around groceries etc.

  14. rideblog says:

    It’s long gone, but you could check out Bobbin bikes. They make a very cute city bike.

  15. rideblog says:

    Also, check out the Simcoe bikes and if you’ve got the cash, I’m in love with the Shinolas. Someone give me $2000 and I’m all over one of their Bixby models.

  16. Mary says:

    Thank you very much, hadnt even heard of the simcoe before you mentioned them, the newest model seems an option. Agree about the bixby being lovely and cool but their step through comes only in a three speed. Finding used will help save money and worry because have had a cannondale and a replacement shwinn clunker bike, both stolen in philly.

  17. rideblog says:

    Craigslist is best for used bikes.

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