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November 25 2011 Ride: Fall Frivolity

Okay, I wasn’t really feeling all that frivolous when I set out on this ride. The previous day, I’d awakened with a strangely swollen right eye. It looked like I’d been hit in the face, without the bruising. By the … Continue reading

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November 19 2011 Ride: The Relative Thrill of Discovery

Sometimes, it’s hard to get inspired by riding. I know, I know… GASP! But this is rideblog! I should just be pumping out quirky ride posts right and left! Perhaps if it would stop raining for 30 seconds, I would … Continue reading

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Update: Update Coming Soon!

Yes, I’m alive. Yes, I rode my bike recently. I keep thinking I’ll have time to write, and then I don’t. But I’m half-done with my next entry, so hang in there. Here’s a teaser: I want the entry to … Continue reading

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October 29 2011 Ride: Last Long Evening Ride

While it may seem melodramatic to declare that long evening rides are done for the year by the end of October, here in the Great White North, evenings are done for the year by October. As soon as we switch … Continue reading

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October 26 Ride: Meditations on Things Other Than Riding (but related)

So recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of personality. Why am I the way I am? I have to admit that I’m not always an easy person to deal with in the real world. I’m a bit … Continue reading

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