November 25 2011 Ride: Fall Frivolity

Okay, I wasn’t really feeling all that frivolous when I set out on this ride. The previous day, I’d awakened with a strangely swollen right eye. It looked like I’d been hit in the face, without the bruising. By the end of the day, it was clear that something had gone horribly wrong with my sinuses. I don’t know if this is in any way related to my disease, but I have really severe allergies and a tendency toward goopy sinuses as a result. Though a trip to the doctor was tempting, I decided instead to use the stuff my wonderful naturopath recommends for mild infections: Oregon Grape Extract. I’ve been snarfing it down in a water dilution for days now, and my eye is fine. My sinuses are slowly clearing, and just in general, I feel better. Whether that’s the result of time, or Oregon Grape, I don’t know.

But Friday I was still feeling a bit pissy and under the weather. It’s hard to really feel “under the weather,” however, when after a week of rain, the skies suddenly clear. It was the day after Thanksgiving, no one was home but me… in the end, I just couldn’t NOT ride. So I headed out to Soos Creek, which is such a pretty trail that I figured it might just make up for how rotten I felt.


You can still see a bit of puffiness under my eye, and a lot of bad attitude under my helmet!

The fall colors were out in full swing (see more of them over on Snapbug), adding lovely layers of brown to The Raleigh’s root beer blend.

Still, after just three miles (the trail is a six-miler, so I usually do the 12-mile loop), my lungs were tight and my nose was running and my desire to throttle something and beat the crap out of it hadn’t abated. I knew this wasn’t going to be my Best Ride Ever.

The scenery was as glorious as ever (minus those pesky power lines):

Honestly, if we could somehow run those suckers underground, parts of this trail are as gorgeous as anywhere I’ve ever been. The long valley in this picture, which culminates in sunny-day views of Mount Rainier and rainy vistas of reeds, is just so pretty that I find myself looking right past the power lines as if they weren’t there. Until I get the photos back, that is.

At any rate, it may not have been a long ride, but the fall beauty raised my spirits a bit by the end.

Of course, it started raining the next day, and pretty much hasn’t stopped since. When it did stop, for brief periods, I was holed up under a heated blanket doing my best to fully recover before heading back to work. This weekend looks quite promising, and my head seems to be on the mend, so hopefully I’ll have more to report.

Can’t beat the wood ducks, though (these guys had to be seen both here, and Snapbug):

— Correction: Hooded Mergansers. I should know better, as a bit of a birder myself. Thanks, Monk, for setting me straight (and adding another bird to my life list!).


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5 Responses to November 25 2011 Ride: Fall Frivolity

  1. disabledcyclist says:

    Gorgeous pics,as always,LOVING the duck! 🙂 I wish you a quick mend,my friend,hope you feel better soon. It’s been cold (low 30’s mostly) and rainy (a bit of snowy-mix) here as well. Been WEEKS since I’ve felt up to riding,sigh. Soon,I hope 🙂 Hope your Day of Thanks was great.


  2. rideblog says:

    Thanks, DC! It was pretty good (they eye thing happened later), but there was NOT ENOUGH TURKEY FOR LEFTOVERS! That’s just wrong.

  3. disabledcyclist says:

    Yeah….VERY wrong! I brought home just enough for the Wife who had to work that day,none left for extras the next day 😦 LOL!


  4. Auchen says:

    I hope you’re on the mend Ride Blog girl. Best to camp out under that electric blanket for now, with a good book and maybe a bottle of wine, but rest assured, there are plenty of good riding days ahead.
    Trust me. – If the Hooded Mergansers can weather it, you can too!

  5. rideblog says:

    Auchen, those Hooded Mergansers are tough!

    Actually, I went out today in the sub-freezing weather, and made it okay. 🙂 Rideblog to follow soon! Still nursing a sinus/allergy thing. What the heck could I be allergic to at this time of year, I wonder?

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