What’s On Your List?

I was at the Bellevue Art Museum shop tonight, which is a good place for… uh… Santa to find gifts for my stocking (the kids find it weird if we adults don’t have things in our stockings on Christmas morning, and while I love My Sweet Man, he is a Guy, and they don’t always think of these things).

There I saw this lovely window display of bike-related gifts! I explained that I have a bike blog and asked if I could take a photo. The woman behind the counter said technically, no! I was a bit surprised by this, as folks are usually happy to have photos taken of their businesses, but this was the museum’s policy for the entire interior. “But,” she noted with a conspiratorial air, “there’s nothing that says you can’t go back out and take a photo from outside the building.”

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

From left to right:

Cyclepedia by Michael Embacher

A Ding Dong bell painted to look like a car speedometer

Bicycle Travel Journal by Nigel Peake

And a bike horn

I was particularly interested in Cyclepedia, which looks very cool. What fun gifts for the cyclists on your list!


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