Rideblog at One Year… Thoughts and a Photo Retrospective

Hello all! January 2nd actually marked my official one year anniversary as a wee blog about bikes, but somehow I thought it was today. Ah well… that’s really not all that shocking, is it?

That’s The Raleigh as it looked when I first bought it! Can you spot the differences?

I’ve had so much fun with this blog. I really never had just 12 loyal readers, but for a while it felt that way. Today, with around 4,000 hits a month (and I know that Monk is here a lot with Auchen and a few others, but I doubt they’re hitting that refresh button 300 times each), I feel incredibly honored and humbled by the affection folks who’ve never met me have for my wee adventures. So first off, I’d like to say: Thank You!

Now before I have a PBS moment and start asking you for pledges, I’m going to move on.

The first Obligatory Bathroom Photo… oh, the Memories!

Speaking of $… I still don’t have ads. Really, I don’t need them. I wouldn’t be raking in the dough here. But I also feel like I need to stay in control of my own content and of how often I post things here. If I can’t ride for a couple weeks, I need that to be okay. If I had advertising, especially sponsors, I think I’d feel a need to post more often to justify their support. At any rate, no one’s asking… right?

Wrong. Today I can officially state that I was asked to be a corporate and industry shill. I’m taking this as a sign that I’ve hit the Big Time. And also as a sign that these folks don’t read my blog. Seriously. I don’t report on industry news. I don’t report on much of anything, except my own minute world. But still, I was perversely pleased, despite the degrading nature of the request. It’s like when the cheesy guy in the Ferrari wolf-whistled at me when I was thirteen: I was flattered that for the first time an adult male had made public his attraction to me, and totally grossed out by who it was and why he did it.

Okay, this was the only shot possible for this moment, wasn’t it?

Anyway, so I won’t be updating you on the latest news from the biking world. I assume you wouldn’t want me to anyway. I would happily review and give away products, as Veloria does at Lovely Bicycle!, but no one has asked me to do that yet. If and when, I’ll let you know and I promise to be totally honest if something stinks. Can’t you just see the offers flying in after that endorsement?

The Panasonic, Bicycle of the Gods, before being sold.

Though for the record, I’d like to categorically state that if National Geographic offered to fly The Raleigh and me to England for a month-long tour of British backroads, I’d suck it up and let them own me.

Ireland, you had your chance!

The Viva is still for sale over on eBay, and with many “watchers” and several days left on the auction, I expect it to sell. It’s a bargain (this is not me asking for money, I swear) at the price I’ve listed it, and I know whoever gets it will love it. The money I get for it will not go for another bike (I realized recently that The Raleigh is The One, though The Shogun may get converted to my secondary bike this summer). I plan on buying a new camera, as along with the fun of meeting all of you, this blog has created in me an insatiable need to take more photos of more things than is possible with my current point-and-shoot. My plan is then to… wait for it… give my current camera away on this blog. But The Viva has to sell first, so you know, if you’re on the fence…

Consider the photographic possibilities here!

Here’s to another year of wonderful rides, great folks and continued gentle growth! Oh, and National Geographic? I’ve been a member for years. My grandmother was a member. You’re how I learned about boobies before I got them. I heart you. Seriously: call me. We’ll talk.



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20 Responses to Rideblog at One Year… Thoughts and a Photo Retrospective

  1. anniebikes says:

    Congratulations on your humble beginnings and continued writing/riding. I’ll follow you even though you don’t post every day. That, in my mind, makes your posts all the more special.

  2. disabledcyclist says:

    Wow,a year! That’s a milestone…that you weren’t obsessing and dwelling on it as it approached tells me that you’re still enjoying the aspect of the writing,and that time does,actually fly by once we reach,or about 21 years old (whatever happened to those insanely hot summers that lasted for 6 years each as kids?). Time flies and that’s a fact (matter of perspective),but the enjoyment thing,that’s paramount!

    I only found Rideblog around October (a week or 3 before starting my own “Two Wheeled Journey” here),and instantly felt like you were someone I knew and could talk to…conversations with you about WordPress and things you explained about it were a high percentage of why I began blogging here as opposed to somewhere else.

    I enjoy your reads,my friend,you shoot great pics that take me out on a bike ride (my favorite place to be) in my mind for a few minutes when I can’t get out for a ride,and my Kids enjoy the posts about your Kids (can’t get the Wife the slightest bit interested in bikes,LOL,but one day I hope to :D)…it’s a good family friendly blog you have here,and I for one enjoy and appreciate you for it.

    Here’s hoping your family and your 2012 has many many smiles and miles to pedal throughout,my friend šŸ™‚

    The DC

  3. Auchen says:

    “Today I can officially state that I was asked to be a corporate and industry shill. ”

    How will we know you didn’t sell out?
    Should we expect an upcoming post extolling the merits of some name-brand Japanese camera?

  4. john says:

    I’ve been impressed with your work. Don’t feel bad about the $, established publications are dropping like flies. Keep your camera and press on unless you can trade it in.

  5. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Annie! I’ve been choosing to take that approach :).

  6. rideblog says:

    Thanks, DC! Your support has been so great. I’m happy to provide an outlet when you can’t get out there, and to enjoy your travels when you do. Ride on!

  7. Ann E. says:

    I love when you randomly post a pic from Ireland! Was that on the Aran Islands? It looks extremely familiar.

    Congrats! I keep you in my reader feed, so post whenever… no pressure! Ha.

  8. rideblog says:

    1. Yes.
    2. You’ll have to trust me.
    3. God, I hope so.

  9. rideblog says:

    Thanks, John! I’m having so much fun, I can’t imagine ending any time soon.

  10. That first wolf whistle (and the accompanied sensations of flattery and disgust) seem to be almost universal among women I’ve known. And that picture was perfect.

    I didn’t know your blog was only a year old! I started reading it after we met on the Inter-Urban trail! I forgot to celebrate my blog’s anniversary, I didn’t even think of it. Oh well.

    Your Raleigh is looking mighty-fine. Mine just got a wee makeover herself. Ugh, I need to post more!

  11. rideblog says:

    Hi Ann! That photo was taken at a roadside inn between somewhere and somewhere else :). Not the Aran Islands, but just a little wayside stop where we had lunch. It is a famous inn, however, as it’s the only thing around for miles! I think that was on our second day, below the Cliffs of Moher, but I could be wrong.

  12. rideblog says:

    April, I’ve never forgotten that whistle and I’m sure those emotions were why. I can see the guy in my head… what I was wearing… where I was walking… it’s a very clear memory. I remember being so surprised and also a bit frightened, as I was by myself. It’s funny, today I’d just give the guy a death glare. Of course, I’m not super skinny and wearing short-shorts anymore, either :).

    I want to see your bike’s make-over! I feel like The Raleigh is finally just perfect. It’s all those buttons from Shawn ;).

  13. Congratulations on your one year!

    I do not recall how I discovered your blog. I have been following for several months now, enjoying your posts and photographs. The big attraction of your writing, besides the fact it is about cycling, is that you share with the world in a very honest, down to earth, real manner. There is so much out on the ‘net that is hype and push. No so with you. Reading your blog is like receiving a letter from an old friend, someone you are comfortable with and privileged to know.

    I also am a “middle of life” person who enjoys stopping to look at the scenery sometimes, wants to commute by bike as often as possible, and share my experiences with others because it is just so much fun to ride. Your blog inspired me to begin writing my own blog.

    Thank you for writing and sharing.

  14. rideblog says:

    Thanks so much Bokchoi Cowboy! I’m delighted you’re enjoying both the writing and the photos. Your blog looks great. I’m so sorry you’ve got a sinus bug! I know the feeling.

  15. traumfahrrad says:

    i’ve really enjoyed discovering your blog.

    you may well know it already, but i massively recommend the bike show as essential listening:


    here’s to another year. fingers crossed on the national geographic sponsored tour of the backroads of england. in the meantime i’ll post quirky backroads pictures of muddy, wintry English lanes for you to vicariously ogle.

  16. rideblog says:

    Thanks, tramrafahren! I hadn’t see that one yet, but now I’m excited to look through it and see the rainy lanes of London. I LOVE London, and would live there in a heartbeat.

  17. LuckyChow99 says:

    Congrats on the anniversary! As always, a lovely read and like a chocolate box, full of unexpected things :>) I had to laugh at the privy pic!

    If you get the National Geographic gig, the DL-1 and I are volunteering as a sidekick. Wouldn’t that be an absolutely awesome trip! I’m very drawn to Britian. My relatives came here in 1606 after the Guy Fawes fiasco.

    All the best in the coming year!

  18. rideblog says:

    Lucky, if NG calls, a DL-1 would be perfect, and we could soooo work that Guy Fawkes thing.

  19. monk says:

    Adding my congratulations on your milestone. I’ll keep following your “wee” posts “fecking” ads or not. šŸ˜‰

  20. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Monk! No fear, no ads yet…

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