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February 25 2012 Ride: Yes, You Read that Correctly

I was so certain, yesterday, that I wasn’t going to ride today that I actually declared it to be so: “It’s going to rain all day tomorrow, so I won’t be riding.” Witness this weather graphic: Now, I see that … Continue reading

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Bicycle Retrospective…

Okay, another rainy Saturday is upon me. Perhaps I would brave the deluge, but I’m also still nursing my miserable cold, which left me Sleepless in Somewhere Near Seattle last night. Combine that with a general sense of February Ennui, … Continue reading

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Update on Copenhagen

Well, after talking to my credit card company, they are going to dispute the charges put on my card by Hotel Nebo. This morning, I spoke to someone at Danhostel, and he was very sympathetic, and had our reservation changed … Continue reading

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No Ride Today

Between yet another rain-filled day and a miserable head cold (not to mention angry jabs at people in Denmark), I didn’t get on my bike today. I have a few days off coming up week after next, so hopefully I … Continue reading

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Rant that I Hope will Generate Change

So, I don’t usually use rideblog as a forum for this sort of thing, but given its popularity, and the nature of this rant, I think it’s time. This summer, I am going to Copenhagen. It is a beautiful city, … Continue reading

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February 4 2012 Ride: Riparian Reflections

Yesterday dawned so beautifully warm and sun-drenched, I actually put on a t-shirt. Then I remembered that I lived here, and put on a jacket, too. Still, it was invigorating for a moment to think that the sunlight might mean … Continue reading

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