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Still Ill

I liked the way the title looked, and really, it says it all. I have the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had, hands down. Yes, I’m on drugs, and lots of ’em. Downing probiotics, too, in record quantities (I recently … Continue reading

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Bike-themed Wrapping Paper

No, I didn’t buy any. Here’s an online source:

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Home Sick in Beautiful Weather

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April 14, 2012 Ride: The Undiscovered Country

I like that the title of this post functions for me on so many levels… a pun on what I saw on this ride, a reference to Hamlet, and one to that Star Trek movie where the Klingon commander tells … Continue reading

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New Trail!

Coming soon…

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April 8, 2012 Ride: On Boys and Bikes

This really isn’t a full-fledged rideblog entry, but we’re not talking about a full-fledged adult companion, either. On Sunday afternoon, once The Girls had gone back to their mom’s for a late Easter celebration, The Boy and I headed down … Continue reading

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