Home Sick in Beautiful Weather



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6 Responses to Home Sick in Beautiful Weather

  1. Hopeful Romantic says:

    Yuck! Sometimes it pours even when it isn’t raining. Get well wishes!

  2. DisabledCyclist says:

    LMBO! 😛

    The DC

  3. adventurepdx says:

    You don’t want to be outside. It’s too…hot.

    The Northwestern curse: Complain about the rain in spring. Then when the first truly warm day of spring happens, complain about the heat.

  4. rideblog says:

    Too true, though this time I would gladly have gone outside!

  5. rideblog says:

    Still sick. Writing this in urgent care while waiting for my prescription for the Evil that has taken up residence in my sinuses.

  6. DisabledCyclist says:

    Awww,I’m sorry my friend,I hope you get well much faster than you seem to be 🙂

    The DC

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