Still Ill

I liked the way the title looked, and really, it says it all. I have the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had, hands down. Yes, I’m on drugs, and lots of ’em. Downing probiotics, too, in record quantities (I recently listened to a great podcast of my favorite NPR show, Radiolab, where they talked about how mice on huge quantities of probiotics were less stressed and better capable of handling mouse-crises. I’m ALL OVER this). And I’m still nasal-rinsing, though I’m having Alien flashbacks every time I do it.

This is EXACTLY what it’s like.


At any rate, though the weather is tolerable, I ain’t biking. I pondered it, but decided that mopping the kitchen floor constituted exercise enough for me this week.

I’ve been hankering, lately, for a new bike. You all know the feeling. Since I, you know, quit my job and all, it seems like a bad time to invest in one. Never one to let common sense stop me, I’ve got my eye on Craigslist, as what I really want is a cheap, decent-condition Raleigh Twenty folding bike to play with. I figure if I like it, I can take it on trips with me to ride around when I get to places ahead of my customers. Last year, I swear I could have picked one of these things up daily for like $15, but now I haven’t seen one in weeks.

Here’s what Sheldon has to say about them:

Oddly, the prices on full-size Raleighs around here seem to have dropped. Apparently, hipsters are finally, finally moving on. Or that’s my impression.

Anyway, that’s all my news. I wish I were riding more, but fate seems to have decreed that this isn’t going to be the spring where I ride three times a week and have just too much to post about. I will survive this! Assuming I don’t end up like this guy:


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9 Responses to Still Ill

  1. DisabledCyclist says:

    I clicked “Like” because of the good humor (not the ocy cold kind :P),you made me chuckle,my friend. I’m sorry you’re still feeling ill,and still hoping you feel better faster 🙂

    I like the looks (and history) of those Twenties,myself! Would make an awesome older bike refurbish/project methinks,especially to me,my having recently bought my first folder. If you get one,beSURE to post up about it 😀

    The DC

  2. Cordelia says:

    I’m sorry you’re experiencing an alien invasion. I hope it detaches soon.

    What a coincidence, I’m looking for a Raleigh Twenty too, in my neck of the woods, central Texas. Reading Velouria’s, then your blog, influenced me to find and fix up a Raleigh Sports. It rides lie a dream. Now I’m searching Craigslist for a Twenty or maybe the perfect Mixte.

  3. Jim Duncan says:

    In 2005 got a sinus infection as shown by CAT scan. Wheee! Went on cortisone inhaler, a water-pic-like device that irrigated my sinuses and weekly allergy shots for that year, changing the next year to biweekly shots. Third year out, went to monthly shots that I continue to this day. Dropped the cortisone after 4 years but still do the irrigation device after every bike ride. This week I’m sneezing my head off and rubbing my eyes crazy. Welcome to the misery! Jim Duncan

  4. rideblog says:

    Oh, DC, you know me better than that! If I do get a Twenty, I’ll never shut up about it. 🙂

  5. rideblog says:

    Cordelia, the Sports does ride like a dream. I LOVE mine so much! That said, I feel the bike itch. Let us know if you find one in Texas. I see what seems like billions of them up in Vancouver, but I have zero desire to drive up there to pursue a CL possibility. MUST. BE. PATIENT.

  6. rideblog says:

    Ah, Jim, I’m sorry to hear you have such a serious routine going there! I, too, have had a lifetime of sinus issues. I was born with no sinus opening on one side, and a deviated septum that nearly completely blocked the other. I didn’t even know this until I was 36 and finally went in for sinus surgery. Since the surgery, I’ve had only one or two serious infections. Mostly my nasal lavage (as it’s known) and allergy meds keep me clear. I still have to use Afrin every night to sleep, though, as my allergies are almost entirely to dust mites. My allergy doc once told me that if my dust mite allergy were like a peanut allergy, I’d have been dead long ago — they are technically classed as “catastrophic.” I used to feel bad about the Afrin, but my sinus doc says that it’s okay, as nothing else has ever worked, and I only use it once a day before bed.

    I will say, though, I’ve never had an infection like this one. I’m not exaggerating when I say that what’s coming out of my nose when I do my nasal rinses is nauseating, and I thought I’d seen it all. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and really work, but so far I think I’m mostly recovering on my own. We’ll see.

  7. Jim Duncan says:

    Wow, got the DV septum too but not the scary surgery. And my sinuses only kicked in late in life (I think!). Saw some Raleigh 20’s on ebay. Hang in there! Jim

  8. rideblog says:

    The surgery wasn’t too bad, Jim. The only bad thing about it was that I can’t take opiates, and you can’t take ibuprofen or aspirin right after the surgery because of all the capillaries in your nose and the possibility of a bad bleed on blood thinners. After one day on the opiates, I just couldn’t stand it, so I ended up doing my recovery on Tylenol (in other words, on nothing). I iced my face for two days until I was allowed to take the ibuprofen. But if you can take opiates, it’s no big deal. Afterwards, I can breathe, which is rather cool. 🙂

  9. DisabledCyclist says:

    “Oh, DC, you know me better than that! If I do get a Twenty, I’ll never shut up about it. ”

    Well I would certainly hope not 😀

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