My Students are the Greatest

I did ride yesterday, but I haven’t had time for the write-up.

Here’s a photo of the cake my advisory kids got me as a good-bye present. There’s a running joke that I’m a Ninja. Mabe is my last name (no secret anymore as it’s on my company website: Distant Mountain Trips).


Except for the fact that the cake maker misspelled “ninja” as “ninga” (the kids fixed it, as good English students should), it was a good cake. I may have cried. They also gave me a signed photo and a journal in which they each wrote a letter.


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8 Responses to My Students are the Greatest

  1. DisabledCyclist says:

    That’s just awesome,my friend! Did it taste as good as it looks?

    The DC

  2. Auchen says:

    That was really such a “sweet” (j)esture!
    (I know they will be missed.)

  3. Jim Duncan says:

    Oh, very classy and nice. Those kids I bet had a glow all week getting that for you. You’ll have a glow forever. You’d be stone not to be touched! Jim

  4. rideblog says:

    Absolutely, DC. An outstanding butter-creme!

  5. rideblog says:

    I was abut verklempt, as they say…

  6. rideblog says:

    Auchen, I will miss them so much!

  7. rideblog says:

    Ha! Teach me to send a response from my iPhone. What is “abut verklempt?” I don’t know. I think I meant “a bit verklempt,” but who knows?

  8. DisabledCyclist says:

    Yum!!! 😀

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