Brompton? Maybe?

I’m just a few days away from leaving for England,  and I have this mad plan.  What if,  for the days at the end of the trip when I’m on my own and going from one country house to another to photograph them for my next trip,  I rent a Brompton?  See,  each of these houses is about five miles from the nearest town.  Right now,  I’m looking at a lot of taxis and therefore,  a lot of $.  So I’m thinking that maybe,  if I can rent a Brompton for the week,  I can just ride to each of the houses. 

But I won’t know until tomorrow,  when I can call the UK and find out if they have bikes available.  I’m slightly pre-Olympics,  so hopefully they will.  If so,  then I will have to decide about lugging one around. It would save me a lot of money,  even with the rental charges.

Decisions,  decisions…  I will keep you all posted.  That would,  should it happen,  be a rather epic rideblog entry.  And we’re due for one of those!


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One Response to Brompton? Maybe?

  1. gl. says:

    crossing my fingers for you! renting a brompton was the highlight of my last train trip.

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