It’s ON, Brompton. Bring it!

Yes, I have managed to rent a Brompton folding bike for a large portion of my trip. Yes, it will have panier-like things into which I attempt to stuff many days of clothing. Yes, it will go on trains. Yes, it will stay in hotel rooms. Yes, it will be folded and unfolded and photographed and ridden like crazy.

Stay tuned.

In preparation, I took the $100 cycling shop gift certificate my former colleagues gave me and got a pair of “kickers.” These are capri-length bike shorts. I took out the padded liners, which I do not anticipate needing on an upright bike (in fact, they are more of a detriment than anything). Instead, I’m, unfortunately, going to try to appreciate their “quick-drying” properties. Rain is in the forecast.

I have also sewn myself a small quilted camera “pocket” for my camera, as there will be no way to tote around my clothing, tablet, coats, accoutrements, AND a camera bag. In fact, I’m leaving my second lens at home and traveling with only my Panasonic 20mm pancake lens for EVERYTHING. This feels very daring, let me tell you. Despite the fact that  I use this lens for 90% of my photography anyway. So quilted camera pocket it is.

Just two more days and I’m over the pond! Yipe!


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7 Responses to It’s ON, Brompton. Bring it!

  1. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist! That trip sounds really grand, too. Have fun!

  2. ufa says:

    🙂 Tuned!!

  3. disabledcyclist says:

    AWESOME news,my friend! 😀
    The DC

  4. Grim says:

    I just saw your last two posts and was going to recommend York’s CycleHeaven as a place to rent Bromptons as they hire them out ( Good luck for the trip. Yes the weather is nice at the moment, however, it is due to change on Thursday. Also you might want to check if the Olympic torch relay is going to be near you on any of your trips (

  5. Jim Duncan says:

    Brommie, yes! I love my Brompton and it will be fun to see and hear about your adventures. Have fun. P.S. This tour calls out for a Twitter account; just consider it. You could tweet us a pix here and there! Jim Duncan

  6. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Grim. You hit the nail on the head as to why the Brompton did not get rented: weather :). I’ll write more in my next entry.

  7. rideblog says:

    Jim, I love Twitter, but I have to do it for Distant Mountain, so I don’t have the energy for two accounts! 🙂

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