Off to Denmark…

Yes, I’m off to the land of the bicycle! And of course, we’re taking a bike tour of Copenhagen, so stay tuned for photos and a blog entry about that.

In the meantime, I put The Gazelle to the test and rode it the three miles each way to the nearest grocery store. It did just fine, even on the (lone) big hill. I won’t say I didn’t feel that heavy rear end when I was dragging it up the slope, but I’ve mastered the art now of pedaling a bike like this one up an incline. I usually stand up and pump The Raleigh up a hill, but I can’t stand-and-pump on The Gazelle, due to the weight distribution. It just isn’t built for it. Instead, I sit-and-pump. This entails sitting and throwing my weight from one pedal to the other, just as if I was standing. It works rather well, actually. Also, the seat is growing vaguely more rideable, though I still wouldn’t call it “comfy.” We’ll see if it stays long-term, but given my weak financial state, I think it’s on there for a while. 

And truthfully, as long as the hills are few, The Gazelle is… *gasp*… more comfortable to ride than The Raleigh.

I can’t believe I just wrote that!

I’m sure the karmic restitution will entail yet another horrid rental Raleigh, since that seems to be a theme with me. I’ll find out soon!

See you all when I get back, around the 19th. If I can, I’ll send a few shots from Copenhagen.

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2 Responses to Off to Denmark…

  1. Hopeful Romantic says:

    I can’t believe you wrote that either! 😉

  2. gl. says:

    have a good trip!

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