Some More Random Swedish Biking Stuff!

So today my clients flew home early in the morning, leaving me with about 24 hours free in Sweden. Frankly, I’m exhausted. What to do?

Why, rent a bike and go for a two-hour ride, of course! Since we’d been in Stockholm for five days, I was feeling comfortable enough to do it. Fortified with some raspberry/Turkish pepper ice cream (I know, it sounds terrible, but I’ve had it three times now and will no doubt eat it again tomorrow! Amazing blend of flavors), I braved the cycle shop and got a bike and a map.

This isn’t really a ride report, as most of my photos are on my main camera, and will need to be developed, and I want to talk about my sunset ride in Copenhagen too. I’m just reporting that riding actually happened!

I didn’t like the rental bike, which I dubbed “Mud Bike” due to its sudden lack of inertia on even the tiniest hills, but the ride around the harbor and canals was gorgeous and thankfully, Stockholm is mostly flat.

Here are some photos: one from the shop with a Pashley hiding an 1890’s bike, one in front of the canal, and a final shot of the Tweed Ride poster outside the bike shop.




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3 Responses to Some More Random Swedish Biking Stuff!

  1. John h says:

    That second photo looks like a postcard, beautiful. =)

  2. James F. Duncan says:

    Boy, I’ll say. Heavenly! And that photo inside the bike shop is intriguing; maybe an opening scene in a Kurt Wallander mystery. OK, I’m getting carried away but I do NOT have any exotic ice cream pacifier:)!! Not to be childish & make you feel guilty or anything.

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