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This is Your Brain on a Bike

Or rather, MY brain. My ride of the Burke-Gilman today (see earlier snarky post) was about three hours long. In three hours, my brain can cover a great deal of territory. I came home and enlightened The Handsome Guy on … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t Jive

So, I’m out today for a ride on the Fabled Burke-Gilman trail, and have ridden it further than ever before, clear around the top of Lake Washington to where it joins the Sammamish River Trail. Tis a beautiful day, so … Continue reading

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The Raleigh Returns!

I know, I’m just a font of bike-related writing right now. I think this is because my business has finally settled down into a more predictable groove, so I have time to devote to other things, including this blog. I’m … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Gazelle and Super Models

So, now I’ve had The Gazelle for nearly two months (already? Has it really been that long?), and it seems like a good time to write about the bike again, as I’ve been riding it a lot. Since Top Ten … Continue reading

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Stockholm, Sweden: City Ride

So, you will notice that it has taken me an exceptionally long time to write about this ride. Part of this is that I’m busy, part of it is that I’m attempting (for the zillionth time) to write a novel … Continue reading

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More stuff that’s not from me…

The Atlantic is just rockin’ the bike stuff this week: Authors and their bikes. I love how the early sci-fi/fantasy writers were into the freakishly-uncomfortable looking tandem bikes. And Tennessee Williams looks like he’s having a blast.

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Because I’m too busy to post something I wrote…

How about this interesting article on bike theft from The Atlantic? I swear, I will write about Sweden soon! Enjoy!

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