It Wasn’t Jive

So, I’m out today for a ride on the Fabled Burke-Gilman trail, and have ridden it further than ever before, clear around the top of Lake Washington to where it joins the Sammamish River Trail. Tis a beautiful day, so I stopped to take a photo of the lake between two houses.

A gentleman and his wife join the trail at this point from the street below. I politely wave him by, and he says:

“As a neighbor, we don’t like people taking photos of the houses.”

I laugh, which is generally my reaction to sudden, blatant stupidity.

“I was taking a picture of the water, so no worries.”

“Yes,” says Mr. Cranky Pants, “but the house will be in it, won’t it?”

He rode off before I could answer: “not if I can crop it out.”

So what was this guy’s problem? I’m hardly going to take a photo of my bike and post it, with a corner of a random house in the background, to

Oh, Stewardess, I speak Rich!

“Look, you hipster with the crappy beat-up piece of shit bike, I worked hard to own a house with an unobstructed view of Lake Washington. It’s not my fault they put a public bike trail right behind it. Now stop taking pictures of MY damn view, you lowly pleb!”

Oh, now I get it.



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6 Responses to It Wasn’t Jive

  1. John h says:

    Sounds like he thinks his right to privacy trumps anything you can come up with. I wonder if his dog is allowed to dump on the neighbors lawn? Hmmm. =)

  2. rideblog says:

    John, people like that don’t own dogs. They lack the humanity. And dogs scratch up the floors, doncha know!

  3. Corey Keller says:

    I don’t miss the passive-agressive aspect of Seattle….

    I wonder if this guy has ever heard of The Streisand Effect?

  4. rideblog says:

    Wait, Corey… I’VE never heard of The Streisand Effect! I could google it, but I’ll be much more entertained if you explain :).

  5. Corey Keller says:

    Here’s a link to the California Coastal Project’s web site. They did a series of 12,000 photos documenting the coastline of CA from 2001 to 2005 or so.

    In 2003, Streisand sued them for $50 million dollars to get photos of her cliffside house removed from the database. It generated a LOT of bad publicity for Babs. Millions of people worldwide who would never have heard about it saw the photo and read about her high-handedness. She lost, BTW. Hence, The Streisand Effect”. See all the articles on the page I linked.

    Maybe you could organize a “let’s photograph Lake Washington by bike” event for local school kids and get the results published in the Times, The Weekly, the Stranger, etc….

    The prankster in me smiles quite broadly at this.

  6. rideblog says:

    Wow, Corey, that’s insane. I’ve sort of given up on privacy. It’s a myth for most of us today. I just try to control my public image as much as I can, I guess.

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