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In the Meantime… Movies!

So I’ve been stuck on the couch for a while, due to a flare-up of my disease. Lots of finger/toe pain. Ironically, while getting out on my bike would no doubt help this problem, being in this much pain doesn’t … Continue reading

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We Are Not the Netherlands (or why I hate dumb arguments)

Oh lordy, have I grown tired of stupid arguments. I’m not just talking about those two guys on TV tonight, but about the arguments that make up much of the conversation in biking communities. I just read this article in … Continue reading

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Vintage Dutch Panniers!

In addition to the lovely Gazelle I received from my friends, I also received two beautiful vintage “pleather” panniers. They are both quite substantial. One is taller and thinner, while the other is wider and shorter, but they are essentially … Continue reading

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Yummy Treats for Bikey Sorts

I have posted one of these recipes before, but it bears repeating, and the second one is my new post-ride passion. Enjoy! Lightly Sweetened Iced Tea Perfect for pouring into a water bottle with several ice cubes and taking on … Continue reading

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9.26.12 Ride: Welcome Home Cutter

After two months off my Raleigh, I can’t begin to describe how good it felt to get back on this bike. I do love The Gazelle, but after riding a heavy Dutch bike around, getting on my sprightly little British … Continue reading

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On Journalism, Science, Empirical Evidence, Bee Poop and Bike Helmets

So I know, you thought I’d actually blog about a ride at some point. I promise I will, but this issue is directly relevant to what this blog discusses, and besides, it’s bugging me and needs to be said. Over … Continue reading

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