Some random pics…

I did do a ride today (first time in weeks and weeks that the weather, and my mood, corresponded!), but need time to get that processed. So in the meantime, here are some unpublished pics from my Burke-Gilman ride last month, and a wee story about a hat.


The Classic “Bridge Shot,” which has become fairly obligatory.


Can you believe this is in north Seattle? A city with over half a million people? I love bike trails…



This mural is technically in Lake Forest Park. What I want the caption to be:




Okay, so moving on. When I received the bunch o’goodies from the former owner of The Gazelle, this box included a vintage Gazelle bike cap from 1976 or so.

Now, I don’t wear bike caps. I don’t like caps much at all, as they seem to activate all the nerves in my scalp in ugly ways. But I do know someone who wears bike caps, AND owns a vintage Gazelle, so I thought… oh, I’ll just send it over there.

With permission, from Lovely Bicycle:


Wait, damnit, Peppy. It wasn’t for you! Oh, here we go:


That is all :).


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One Response to Some random pics…

  1. disabledcyclist says:

    I agree with your captioning skillz on the mural,that’s awesome! Good read,and glad to hear you got a ride in 🙂

    The DC

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