Funny Fall…

So the strange thing about this fall has been that it’s really fallen off my biking radar. I’ve been busy with other things, or achy, or frankly, rained out. If it’s not one, it’s one of the others.

Finally, about two weeks ago, I forced myself out on my bike. The weather was good: warm, somewhat sunny, no rain. I wasn’t too achy.

There were crisp carpets of leaves to ride through, and the river was as astonishingly lovely as it can only be this time of year:


The Gazelle was as smooth and easy to ride as ever, besides being completely gorgeous.


But none of that mattered. My legs were like lead, and though that feeling usually dissipates mid-ride, this time it didn’t. Nerve-deadened legs are a hazard for me, and I’m definitely in the middle of a spell for them. I rode nearly 15 miles, but at no point did I lose the “this is such a pain” attitude and heavy-feeling.

So I haven’t been out since. I don’t want riding to be a chore. Right now, things are in upheaval in my life in other ways, all good, but keeping me on my toes (so to speak). I’ll let the bikes call me back on their own, when I’m ready. In the meantime, I’m going to relax and not force this.



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2 Responses to Funny Fall…

  1. Ezra says:

    I’m really down with that bike, it looks great. Weather has been crazy so far in the fall, either really cold, or really nice. Glad you got out on a nice day!

  2. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Ezra. Weather seems to be improving again. I hope to be out again soon!

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