On its way…

At the shop getting a quick tune-up and new pedals (no cages!). Tires are good for now, and aesthetically, it just needs clean up and new grips. Will hold off on those until I decide if I want bar-end shifters.

Of course, right now I don’t even know if it will fit me!

1976 or ’77 Gazelle Champion Mondial G-8.



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12 Responses to On its way…

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    Nice! Sometimes the gods smile.

  2. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Jim! We’ll see if it fits me first. I stood over it today and it was tight. The tires were flat and I was in slight heels. So… But if it doesn’t, I have a plan for it.

  3. disabledcyclist says:

    OOoooo,NICE 😀

    The DC

  4. Erin B says:


  5. john h says:

    I must have missed a post, where or how did you acquire this beaut? You haven’t turned to a life of piracy have you, and lifted this from some unsuspecting retro-grouchy type on a rail/trail. Very nice. =)

  6. CJ says:

    Gorgeous. Can’t wait to read more.

  7. Nice, looks like it might be my size too! When did you get this one? Nuovo Record components?


  8. rideblog says:

    Tee hee, no john. Though, with this one, it might be tempting. This is the second Gazelle given to me by the lady who gave me The Gazelle Trimsport. This one was her touring bike. 🙂

  9. rideblog says:

    I know, CJ! I’m so excited! But it will be about a week 😦

  10. rideblog says:

    I just got it on Friday, Chris. Since I was in the neighborhood anyway afterward, I rolled it over to the Bellevue Gregg’s, and the mechanic turned out to be very straightforward, practical and nice, so I left it with them. I should have it back by the end of the week.

    The components are Simplex, at least the derailleur and shifters are. The kind lady who gave it to me included a spare set, NOS!

  11. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Chris :).

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