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April 23 2013 Ride: Mountain Madness!

With the first really sunny week hitting us here in Rainitopia, I decided to head out on a good, long ride. This has been a very wet winter, in a drizzly sort of way. We had no snow, or much … Continue reading

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April 2 2013 Ride: Spring has Sprung

There’s just a springtime plethora of bike rides happening here at rideblog! After the long winter of our discontent, spring has sprung, and the grass is ris. This is where the flowers (or birdies, depending on your version of the … Continue reading

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June 2, 2012 Ride: Short Bursts

Brief blips on the radar, that’s what rides are like right now. I wish I had time to prioritize anything, but I don’t. Everything is spread too thin, waiting for school to end and the rest of my life to … Continue reading

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April 14, 2012 Ride: The Undiscovered Country

I like that the title of this post functions for me on so many levels… a pun on what I saw on this ride, a reference to Hamlet, and one to that Star Trek movie where the Klingon commander tells … Continue reading

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