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April 17 2013 Ride: Weeds

Isn’t it typical: something sits there waiting to be done in your life for months, then when you finally step up to do it… a pissed-off hornet stings your ring finger, and your entire effort seems wasted. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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May 5 2012 Ride: Barely Buttercuppin’

Well, how ironic. First I complain for months about how few times I get to ride my bike, and now I’ve ridden twice in a week and a half and haven’t got the time to blog about it. It’s like … Continue reading

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November 25 2011 Ride: Fall Frivolity

Okay, I wasn’t really feeling all that frivolous when I set out on this ride. The previous day, I’d awakened with a strangely swollen right eye. It looked like I’d been hit in the face, without the bruising. By the … Continue reading

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June 28 2011 Ride: View from the Top

There is nothing like two days alone with my children to make me want to get out and ride a bike. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my son and my step-daughters. They are wonderful kids, funny and smart. But … Continue reading

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