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So after much (at least thirty minutes) thought, I decided to create a simple little blog on which to put posts and photos from my latest bike rides, about my bikes, and anything else bikey. Unfortunately, I am not BikeSnob, though I too have a tendency to rant when stressed. I promise never to discuss artisanal axes on this site, or comment cruelly on life in The City, especially since I don’t live there. I am also not Lovely Bicycle!, though I read Veloria’s wonderful blog daily. Certainly, you will never see me cycling in a flowy skirt and cute boots. This is just a wee blog about what I ride, and where I ride it. Nothing more than that.

So who am I? A mom, a teacher, and an avid bike rider. I suffer from a chronic illness that causes me to be in pain much of the time. I’m not thin, or particularly gorgeous (though I’m pretty sure I’m cute, you know?). I just like my vintage bikes, and I like to write about my experiences on them. Sometimes I’m funny, but I make no promises. I live deep in the unfashionable suburban wilds of King County, Washington.

What is rideblog all about? Rides.

Warning: these are not long, glorious climbs in the Pyrenees involving terrifying descents and hair-raising brushes with death.

Mostly I ride my bikes on the trails near my house. These trails are paved. On these trails, which are primarily converted rail corridors, little kids test out their training wheels. Old women walk very slowly. Yuppie moms pushing strollers and pulling Pomeranians chat animatedly on their cell phones about Bikram yoga while slowly letting out their retractable leashes until Biffy or Snoodles is ready to clothesline unsuspecting groups of Group Health employees all dressed in identical bike jerseys.  You know, those kind of trails.

My favorite trails for quick rides that don’t involve long car treks first are: the Cedar River Trail, which begins in Renton and ends just over 25 miles later in Maple Valley; the Interurban Trail, which runs from the heart of scenic industrial Renton to scenic industrial Auburn; and the Green River Trail, which if the whole thing were open, would do much the same thing the Interurban does, but it might actually be scenic, if one considers a grimy, urban river to be a beautifying addition (it’s a bit touch-and-go on that one).

Sometimes something more exotic is achieved: I ride near my job! Or I drive somewhere and ride there! In the future, I’m hoping to even do some biking overseas! But right now, there are no exclamation point-worthy rides to discuss.

I like this, though. I think my rides are less intimidating than those pictures one sees of some guy passing a semi at 70 miles an hour down the edge of a mountain pass with a thousand-foot drop off. I will never be that rider, but most folks could ride where I do. I hope more folks get out and ride. Just don’t do it when I’m there, okay, because the trails are crowded enough with all those women and their Pomeranians (before you ask, I have nothing against Pomeranians. I just like how the word sounds. Pomeranian. Pom-er-an-ian).

Contact me at: rideblogger (at) gmail (dot) com.

13 Responses to About rideblog

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ve just bounced onto your blog from a comment you made on Lovely Bicycle. What a sweet blog you have already. And you don’t need to be Bikesnob or Velouria to be interesting and well-written, which you are.

    Loving your bikes and your attitude. Keep going.

  2. Frank says:

    Sorry that you had a bad experience with the purchase of the Creme. I wanted to share a site of two American companies that build bikes here in the US. I really like the raw model of the company http://bowerylanebicycles.com/bicycles.html
    Nad Worksman is a company that has been around for a while now and you can build a bike with different gearing, colors, and so on http://worksmancycles.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/cruisers.html. Just some sites to check out. The Viva is a great looking bike, hope all works out well.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Hello! I have a couple of questions about your Viva Kilo and was wondering if you’d be willing to email me? (As blog owner I believe you can see the email address I entered in the form.) I have a Workcycles Oma which is a great bike, but I think too heavy for me. I weighed it and it turned out to be 62 pounds compared to my cruiser which is 36. So I’m thinking of getting something that weighs similar to my cruiser, and has cushy tires, but has the features of a Dutch commuter – internal hub, chain guard, racks, fenders, etc. I see that the Kilo 7-speed is 41 pounds, according to the company, which sounds doable for me. Can you tell me, how well does the Kilo do at hauling large loads? I have a short commute to work but might do longer rides too – is this bike okay for 5-10 mile rides? Not referring to speed, but more of an endurance thing – are you pooped after doing more than a few miles?

  4. rideblog says:

    Hi Jaclyn, I’ll send you an email.

  5. LuckyChow99 says:

    You have really nice photos on the blog. Both the subject matter and the quality of the photos are great! What camera do you use?

  6. rideblog says:

    Thanks, LuckyChow!

    I use a non-slr digital Canon PowerShot SX130IS, available from Amazon.com for under $190. It’s a great camera that lets me control everything manually if I want (which I do). I recommend it highly, and think it takes better photos than many much more expensive models.

  7. Yes! Love your photos. Some of the best I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing.

  8. mtb himalaya says:

    Mountain Biking in The Himalaya

  9. Piet Regtop says:

    Your Gazelle Trimsport is truly amazing! I have seldom seen anything like it. It is perfect in every detail. I’m trying very hard not to be jealous, because my Trimsport (,82) cannot stand the comparison (at all). But honestly, I like your style of writing and your obvious passion for 3-speed classic bikes. And yes, I share your opinions in every way. After reading some of your adventures with the Trimsport, I hurried down to my workshop, switched on the lights and spent the next 30 minutes lovingly gloating over my Trimsport.

    My relationship with Gazelle is very special indeed. In my younger days I lived in Dieren en visited the Queen Wilhelmina Primary School which (was) situated opposite the main entrance of the Gazelle factory (We’re talking 1961-1962 now). Twice a year my classmates and myself were invited to participate in “First Aid practice sessions”. We received hidious wounds from a make-up artist and were laid out in the factory as victims of some major accident. Afterward we were rewarded for our efforts. We were loaded into a number of ambulances and carried off to a local chocolate factory. You can guess rest! With regards, Piet Regtop





  10. rideblog says:

    Thanks, Piet! What a great story! I am just waiting for warmer weather to get back in the saddle and get riding again. It’s been just too cold and icy here. Loved hearing about the chocolates!

  11. Red Hen says:

    Just found your blog, via hypermobility syndrome, which I have, I`m continuing on through some of your cycling posts, which I love. And I`ve read some of your posts about your trip in Ireland, where I am.
    Love your writing and photography. I hope you plan to continue with both-and cycling of course!-in 2014, for the sake of all of us in the blogosphere!

  12. rideblog says:

    I do! Thanks. I’ve been working two jobs, and the winter has been miserable, and I’ve been in a lot of pain. But the pain is better and the weather is clearing. The bikes call!

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